[ONLY FOR JAPANESE] Invitation to Assistant (Apr.4, 2000)
(Please see Japanese edition.)

Matsumoto's participation to The 61st Black Ship Festival in Shimoda(Mar. 22, 2000)
>From May 19 to 21, "Black Ship Festival" is held in Shimoda, Shizuoka pref.
This festival celebrates the "first contact" between Japan and the U.S. --
Commodore Matthew C. Perry's landing to Shimoda in 1854.
Matsumoto will participate to this year's festival, and a street show of
"Bakumatsu Rashamen-musume Jyoushi" is planned in it. Offline meeting is also planned.

(This Web site will report the schedule of show, and other associated info.)
Of course, visitors from overseas are welcome!

See Detail of "Bakumatsu..." show on the street
in the B.S.Festival.

We'll hold a offline meeting "Shimoda B.S.F. Tour" ! (Apr. 22, 2000)
Why don't you enjoy the Black Ship Festival with Matsumoto ?
see its detail and registration (non-indespensible)


오프라인 모임인 시모다 함선축제투어 준비했습니다. (2000. 4. 22)

마츠모토씨와 함선축제를 즐겨보시지 않겠습니까?

세부사항 참가신청(선택사항)

ABCB Recovered.(Mar. 9, 2000)
We lost many messages contributed in around January to early March,
and we are looking for them now.

The lost messages are #00747, #00826-00927

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